TwinPrint® 5516 Dual Sided Label Print and Apply

Streamline your shipping labeling by printing your shipping label and packing slip at the same time – on the same label.  FOX IV’s TwinPrint® is the efficient, effective, and sustainable solution for your order fulfillment process. 

By utilizing two printheads, the TwinPrint® enables you to print shipping information on the visible top side of the label while printing the corresponding packing list, return information, or coupon on the concealed side of the label then automatically applying the label to your shipping container.  This eliminates the time and waste associated with separate labeling and pack slip steps.  Additionally, it eliminates matching errors between the two by printing both sets of information at the same time. 

The TwinPrint® system also eliminates up to 60% of the label liner waste from going into the waste stream by repurposing a large portion of the label liner as the packing slip.  This reduces the company’s environmental impact while making the fulfillment process more efficient.

TwinPrint® systems are available for both standard size TwinPrint® labels and longer, extended length TwinPrint® labels for operations requiring additional items or information.  Additionally, FOX IV offers a desktop TwinPrint® printer for manual labeling.  Both roll and fan-folded labels can be utilized.

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Media Type: Roll or Fanfold TwinPrint® Labels  
TwinPrint Label Sizes:    5 in x 8 in/127 mm x 203 mm
6 in x 9 in/152 mm x 229 mm
6 in x 12 in/152 mm x 305 mm
Label Roll: 3 in ID x 12 in OD/ 76 mm ID x 305 mm OD  
Ribbon Width:   4.33 in./110 mm  
Ribbon Length:  1476 ft/450 m on a 1 in./25.4 mm core


203 or 300 DPI
Direct Thermal Top Print, Thermal Transfer Bottom Print
Direct Thermal Top Print, Direct Thermal Bottom Print

Swing-Away™ Cylinder with Tamp, Tamp Blow, or Tamp Roll Applicator
Custom Application Methods

Centralized, Clearly Marked Controls
Full Color HMI’s
Screened Media Paths
Easy Integration
Curl Reduction Rocker

The TwinPrint® eliminates up to 60% of label liner waste by repurposing most of the label liner for the packing slip or customer message.  It also eliminates resource wasting traditional packing slips that are printed on large sheets of paper.  These sheets need to be folded, either mechanically or manually, stuffed into a plastic envelope, have the adhesive strip backing paper removed, and adhered to the shipping container or pallet.  The TwinPrint® also completely eliminates the plastic envelope as well as the time or equipment to fold and fill that envelope.  The packing list information is printed on the rerepurposed label liner and adhered automatically to the shipping container or pallet creating a concealed packing slip. Only a small amount of backing paper is rewound for disposal. Additionally, an optional air monitoring system is available for the system to optimize factory air usage.


  • Zebra Printing Technology
  • Allen-Bradley PLC
  • Reduced Waste
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Eliminates Matching Errors
  • Standard or Extended Length TwinPrint Labels

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