Labels, Ribbons, and Inks

Label, ribbon, and ink supplies can be a key factor in the success or failure of your labeling application. Because of our experience with automated labeling equipment, FOX IV’s label department has the knowledge and expertise to provide the best supplies for your labeling application.

Labels, Ribbons, and Inks

From primary labeling to shipping labels and packing lists, our label experts are able offer a wide range of label stocks, sizes and colors. In addition to blank label thermal and thermal transfer stocks for label printers, label applicators, and label print and apply equipment, FOX IV can supply pre-printed labels using Flexographic or Digital printing processes and specialty labels with laminations, special adhesives, and more. Pre-printed bar code labels are also available utilizing either the flexo or electronic printing processes in large or short runs. A large selection of label die sizes are on-hand to provide you with a range of label sizes. Labels are supplied in rolls, sheets or fan-folded form.

As a full-service label converter as well as a supplier of thermal transfer ribbons and Epson® ColorWorks® inks, FOX IV's labeling experts can help to match thermal transfer ribbons and ink jet inks to label stocks for the best quality printing.

Labels and Tags

Blank labels and tags are available for thermal, thermal transfer, and color ink jet labeling applications.  Labels are cut to size and supplied in roll, sheet, or fan-fold form.  FOX IV carefully cuts labels for both manual and automated labeling application.

Thermal Transfer:

Thermal Transfer labels provide a longer readable life than direct thermal labels and typically do not fade with time or heat. A thermal transfer ribbon is required to print the labels. Generally, the cost of ribbons plus standard thermal transfer labels is similar to the cost of standard direct thermal labels on their own.  Thermal transfer labels are usually suggested for printing applications in which the label is required to have a longer life, it is exposed to extreme temperatures or conditions or is typically left on the shelf for extended periods of time.

Direct Thermal:

Direct thermal label stock changes color when heated, eliminating the need for a thermal transfer ribbon and creating an economic solution for many shipping labels.
Because another heat source can affect the image and it may fade over time, direct thermal labels are usually suggested for printing applications in which the label stock is not required to last an extended period of time, is not exposed to extreme temperatures or conditions and labels are typically not left on the shelf for long periods of time.

Ink Jet Compatible:

Labels for color ink jet printers generally are coated with an ink receptive coating to provide high quality print as well as prevent ink smudging and bleeding.  Quality ink jet compatible label stocks enable deep colors and contrast for visually attractive end results and high performance.  Ink Jet compatible stocks are available for applications from basic product labeling to durable BS5609 Maritime standards. These include:

  • Matte and Gloss Paper
  • High Gloss Paper
  • BOPP
  • Polypropylene
  • Clear Polypropylene
  • Vinyl

Labels are cut to order and rewound to match your color ink jet printer's internal roll capacity unless otherwise advised.  Continuous stock rolls are also available for printers with autocutters.

Flood Coated and Printed Labels

Flood coated blank labels, partially printed labels, and fully printed labels are available through FOX IV’s label division. With seven label presses, FOX IV can print up to 8-color process labels on a variety of label stocks for both secondary and primary labeling applications. Labels can be printed with various inks, depending on your label requirements and are available in roll, sheet or fan-fold form.

Specialty Labels

Many applications require specialty labels with either a particular type of label stock, adhesive, liner or all three!  FOX IV meets unusual label requirements by providing a range of specialty labels  – many designed for  specific applications such as Maritime or chemical standards.

Some of the specialty labels that FOX IV can provide include:

  • Dissolvable Labels
  • Labels to adhere through water
  • Frozen applications
  • Maritime standard
  • Harsh environments
  • Removable Labels
  • Piggy Back Labels
  • Recyclable Liner Labels
  • Linerless Labels
  • Chemical Resistant Labels
  • TwinPrint™/Duplex Labels
  • Quick Slip™ Packing Slip Labels
  • Pin Fed Labels


Thermal Transfer Ribbons

Did you know that selecting the correct thermal transfer ribbon  can greatly affect your overall label quality? Your print quality and print durability are directly impacted by the type of ribbon that you use on your thermal transfer label printer. Depending on your label stock, you may need wax, wax/resin or resin thermal transfer ribbons. Each of these types of labels will print differently on different label stocks and provide varying levels of durability. Within these three general types of ribbons are specialty ribbons and colored ribbons design to meet certain application requirements like spot color, UV coding or even chemical resistant ribbons.

Not only are label requirements cause for choosing a specific ribbon, but the printer being utilized must also be taken into consideration. Different printers, even from the same manufacturer, have different ribbon specifications such as core size, ribbon length, and how the ribbon is wound.  FOX IV offers a wide variety of thermal transfer ribbons in different formulations, sizes and winds for use on almost any thermal transfer printer. Our Media experts can help you decide on the label/ribbon combination that best suits your needs.

Ink Jet Label Compatible Inks

Epson Inks
As an authorized Epson® reseller, FOX IV can provide ink jet label compatible inks for the Epson® ColorWorks® line of full-color ink jet label printers.  We can help to select the correct ink for your Epson® ColorWorks® label printer model as well as the ink type for which your printer is set.  

It is important to match the ink type with the label type as mismatches can greatly affect the print quality.  For example, if your printer uses matte ink and you run synthetic gloss labels through it, even though they are ink jet compatible labels, you may experience long dry times and ink smudging.

FOX IV also supplies inks for Swiftcolor color ink jet label printers.

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