Maintenance & Training Programs

Keep your equipment running in top condition with proper training and regular maintenance.

Maintenance and on-site training programs are offered to ensure equipment continues to run smoothly and that your operators are thoroughly aware of the proper operating and in-house maintenance procedures. Training programs include the correct way to operate, maintain and service equipment to maintain optimal equipment performance. FOX IV service and maintenance programs are available to customers that would prefer not to service themselves or wait until a unit needs immediate attention.

Installation Training

When you purchase equipment installation from FOX IV, basic operator training is included. Your FOX IV technician will review the set up and operation of your FOX IV equipment, teach how to change media supplies, clean the equipment, and look for common operator mistakes. Additional maintenance training and technical training are optional and may be added to the training for an additional cost.

On-site Training

FOX IV offers three levels of on-site training to train or retrain operators on the equipment and to provide more detailed training for maintenance and technical personnel.

Recommended for operators and equipment set up personnel
1-2 Hours*


  • System Overview
  • Control Panel Overview
  • Loading Media
  • Power-up/On-line Procedure
  • Basic Adjustments and Setup
  • General Cleaning Procedures

Recommended for Maintenance Personnel
2-4 Hours*


  • System Overview
  • Detailed Control Panel Overview
  • Loading Media
  • Power-up/On-line Procedure
  • Adjustments, Setup, and Diagnostics Menus
  • Detailed Cleaning Procedures
  • Basic Troubleshooting

Recommended for Maintenance, Mechanics, Electricians, and Technicians
2 Days *


  • System Overview
  • Mounting Instructions
  • Set Up Procedures
  • Equipment Operation
  • Detailed Control Panel Review
  • Printing
  • Maintenance Procedures and Adjustments
  • Electrical and Pneumatic Systems
  • Replacing Components
  • Troubleshooting

Custom Training

Contact our service department to arrange a customized training session to meet your exact needs.

Maintenance Programs

Properly maintained equipment delivers increased production uptime, consistent performance, and equipment longevity. Regularly scheduled maintenance by FOX IV technicians keeps your systems performing at optimal levels.
Take advantage of our fixed-rate maintenance programs or customize a maintenance program through our service department. Fixed-rate maintenance programs for our automated labeling systems are based on the number of units to be maintained as well as the frequency of maintenance. Customized programs can be built for other equipment based on the equipment type and frequency.

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Need Technical Support?

Contact Technical Support by calling 888-436-9435 for 24 hour assistance in US and Canada. You can also reach technical support at 724-387-3500 Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm United States Eastern Time or Message Us.

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