Our engineering staff has been designing and integrating labeling solutions for over thirty years.  Staffed with mechanical, electrical and software engineers, FOX IV has the complete capability to design, manufacture, integrate and install an automated labeling solution that meets your labeling goals.

Labeling System Integration

Success is measured by the outcome.  To ensure a successful outcome for your automated labeling system, make sure that you have the most experienced, knowledgeable people working on the project.  From start to finish, FOX IV’s in-house engineering staff is working on your labeling application to make sure that all of necessary material handling and software integration steps are taken with thought and care.

Hardware Integration

The majority of labeling applications involve some type of additional equipment.  That equipment could be hardware such as conveyors, flow control, scanners, safety mats, or even custom label application mechanisms.   Integrating with new system components or even existing production equipment is second nature to FOX IV’s dedicated engineering staff.  Our experienced engineers are experts at designing, integrating and installing labeling systems of all types into even the most challenging production lines.  Their ability to understand and solve labeling applications that other companies simply don’t want to touch is the reason FOX IV does “solve the tough ones.”

Some equipment that FOX IV has incorporated into labeling systems includes:

  • Material handling flow control gates and diverters
  • Robotic palletizing and material handling systems
  • Safety switches, mats and alarm systems
  • Vision systems and light curtains
  • Weigh scales
  • Touch screen computers
  • Conveying systems
  • End-of-line equipment

Software Integration

FOX IV’s software engineering staff works within your company’s electronic framework to seamlessly integrate your FOX IV labeling solution with your current process software.  We are able to utilize PLC signals, manipulate data streams and construct customized Graphical User Interfaces to make working with the FOX IV equipment simple for operators and painless for supervisors.  

Functions such as label design, database storage and call up as well as managing labeling information are all part of the software function.  With both off-the-shelf label design and management software as well as highly skilled in-house  engineers, FOX IV is able to integrate your labeling system with your company’s operation.

Off the Shelf Labeling Software

For off-the-shelf labeling solutions, FOX IV offers the Teklynx range of label design products. This range includes basic label design and printing software such as LabelView, as well as more advanced and integrated solutions like their Codesoft Enterprise software, Teklynx Central Enterprise Management Solutions, and Backtrack Data Collection solution.

Teklynx Codesoft Label Design Software     Teklynx Labelview Label Design Software     Teklynx Label Matrix Design Software

Custom Labeling Solutions

Of course, not all applications can be solved with an off-the-shelf product.  That’s why FOX IV has some of the most highly qualified engineers around.  Our software specialists are able to design and integrate custom solutions to meet our customer’s exact specifications including database interfacing, material handling control, barcode verification, labeling system safety features, data collection and customer specific user interfaces.

Application and Integration Assistance

Contact FOX IV with your Application and Integration questions.  We will have a representative contact you to discuss your needs and answer your questions. 

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