Eclipse LF220HS Label Finishing System

Create your own labels in-house, in any shape with the Eclipse LF220HS High Speed Finishing System.  Accurately laminate, cut, remove label matrix waste, slit, and rewind labels in any shape or size up to 8.6" wide and 10" long. 

Produce labels in sample to industrial quantities in almost any shape.  Most types and styles of labels can be utilized including coated and uncoated paper, BOPP, Polyester and Vinyl, with or without lamination.  Both printed and blank labels can be created and slit into several ready-to-use label rolls.

The Eclipse LF220HS is offered as a stand alone unit or as a complete narrow web digital label production system.  A full Eclipse prodution station includes an alignment table for a label printer, a splicing station, and 4 step ACU4 Accumulator.  An optional large capacity external rewind is also available to minimize roll changes.  With a complete system, you are able to create labels on demand thereby eliminating stocks of pre-printed labels  and easily change label designs as needed.  

Compatible label printers include the Epson® ColorWorks® C6000, C6500, and C7500 color label printers as well as the TSC/Printronix printers.

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Maximum Media Width:  9 in./230 mm
Maximum Cut Width:  8.6 in./220 mm
Maximum Label Length:  10 in./254 mm
Supply Label Roll: 3 in. ID/76 mm x maximum 7.9 in. OD/200 mm
Label Slitting:  up to 8 blade slitting and rewind
Rewind Core Size:  3 in./76 mm
Cut Speed:  1200 mm Axial
Linear Cut Speed:  Dependent on graphic - up to 8.5 mts/min
Cut Force:  0-400 grams in 1 gram increments
Cut Type: Drag knife and tangential emulation
Cut to Registration:  Single point registration mark
Cut Ability:  Both printed and unprinted media
Lamination - standard station 
Epson ColorWorks C6000, C6500, and C7500 Color Label Printers
ACU4 4 Step Accumulator
In-line Table Alignment System -  including print, splice, ACU4,and finisher tables
Large Capacity External Label Stock Unwind
WinPlot (Windows 0S) cut software, cutter control parameter software.
Plug-ins for CorelDraw and Adobe Illustrator
Labels, Decals, and Stickers can be created for any industry, some popular application industries include:

Breweries - Bottles and Cans
Vinyards - Bottles
Food and Beverage - Packaging, Product Labels
Cosmetics - Product Labels
Chemical Industires - Container Labels, Drum Labels
Contract Packagers - Product, Case, Inventory
Label Houses - Dynamic Label Creation for Various Customers


  • Axial Cut Speed up to 84 m/min (5.5"/sec)
  • Optional 4 station Accumulator and Splicing Table
  • Precision Cutting of Complex as well as Simple Shapes
  • Ideal for Short Runs
  • Easy-to-Use
  • Low Cost Maintenance
  • Integrates with Epson® ColorWorks® and TSC/Printronix Printers 

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