L3904E Linerless Label Print and Apply

Reduce your environmental impact with the FOX IV L3904 Linerless Label Print and Apply System.  The L3904 takes the waste-heavy process of traditional labeling and completely eliminates the label liner and spent thermal transfer ribbon, which are typically thrown in the trash.  Additionally, the electric label application cylinder reduces environmental impact by eliminating the high energy consumption associated with utlizing factory air for pneumatic application.

Labels up to 4.65" wide can be precisely printed and accurately applied with the FOX IV Linerless system all while reducing the company's environmental footprint.

The fast, intelligent SATO CL4NX printer is built into the FOX IV center-wall for precision label tracking, printing, and placement.  Utlizing the reliable SATO Linerless print engine enables the L3904 to print onto direct thermal, linerless label stock in continuous roll form, which allows significantly more labels per roll to be printed than with traditional labels due to the label gap and liner being eliminated. This leads to extended production times between roll changes. Once the linerless label is printed, the L3904 then applies the cut label to the product , shipping container, or pallet while in-motion or in a static position.

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Media Width: 2.36” (60 mm) - 4.65” (118 mm)<
Maximum Print Width: 4.09 in./104 mm
Min. Label Length: 1.18” (30 mm)
Max. Label Length: Application Dependent
Label Roll: 3 in. ID/76 mm x maximum 16 in. OD/406 mm

Direct Thermal Linerless Label Material
203, 305, or 609 dpi/8, 12, 24 dots per mm print resolution

Cylinder with Tamp, Tamp Roll Applicator
Wipe on/Merge Applicator
Custom Application Methods

Tool free Printhead and Roller Replacement
Screened Media Path
Intuitive Full Color HMI Controls
Centralized Controls
Standard On-board Emulations

By eliminating both label liner and thermal transfer ribbon waste, the FOX IV Linerless Label Print and Apply creates a more environmentally friendly work process. The electric label application cylinder eliminates factory air thereby significantly reducing the total energy consumption for labeling. 


  • Significant Reduction in Environmental Impact
  • Linerless SATO Printing Technology
  • All Electric Design
  • Addressable Allen Bradley PLC Controller
  • Up to 600 dpi Print Resolution
  • 16" OD Label Roll Capacity
  • Intuitive, Easy to Use Controls
  • Variety of Application Methods

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