6974/6975 TSC/Printronix-based Label Print and Apply

With a TSC/Printronix print engine integrated into FOX IV’s upgraded Series 8 industrial design, the 6974 provides flexibility, durability and compatibility in one user-friendly automated labeling system.

The heart of the system is the TSC/Printronix PEX-2000 print engine.  The PEX-2000 is designed for durability and high-performance for all types of automated labeling applications. 

FOX IV’s new Series 8 body design incorporates the TSC/Printronix print engine into a precision engineered center-wall that virtually eliminates label tracking or breakage.  With an upgraded heavy-duty backing rewind system, extra-large 16” OD label roll capacity, and intuitive color control displays, the 6974 is ideal for manufacturing and logistics applications where reliable, extended-run label printing and application is expected.

Additionally, t
he 6974 is compatible with most major label printer languages, making it simple to use in a mixed print engine environment, on a new line,  or as a replacement for other labeling systems. 


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Media Width: 

.625 in. /16 mm - 4.5 in./114 mm

3 in. /76 mm - 7.1 in./180 mm

Maximum Print Width:

4.09 in./104 mm

6.6 in./168 mm

Min. Label Length:

0.2 in./5 mm

3 in./76 mm

Max. Label Length:

Application Dependent

Application Dependent

Label Roll:

3 in. ID/76 mm x maximum 16 in. OD/406 mm

3 in. ID/76 mm x maximum 16 in. OD/406 mm

Ribbon Width:

1 in./25.4 mm - 4.5 in./114.3 mm

3 in./76 mm - 7.1 in./180 mm

Ribbon Length:

1968 ft/600 m on a 1 in./25.4 mm core

1968 ft/600 m on a 1 in./25.4 mm core

Direct Thermal or Thermal Transfer
Right or Left Handed
6974 - 203, 300, or 600 dpi/8, 12, 24 dots per mm print resolution
6976 - 203, 300, dpi/8, 12 dots per mm print resolution
RFID encoding
Ribbon Saver
Swing-Away™ Cylinder with Tamp, Tamp Blow, or Tamp Roll Applicator
Repeater™ Adjacent Panel Label Applicator
Wipe on/Merge Applicator
Vacuum Belt Applicator
Custom Application Methods
Print Language Emulation
Allen-Bradley PLC w/Ethernet I/O
Large 16" OD Label Roll Capacity
Tool-less Printhead and Platen Roller Replacement
Screened/Color Coded Media Paths
Intuitive Color Touch HMI Controls
Small Label Mode (6974)


  • TSC/Printronix Modular Print Engine
  • 203, 300, or 600 dpi
  • Print Language Emulation
  • Allen Bradley PLC Controller with addressable Ethernet I/O
  • Large 16” OD label roll capacity
  • Small label mode (6974),
  • Optional RFID and Ribbon Saver
  • Full color touchscreen controls

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