6900I Series Printer/Inserter

FOX IV’s 6900I Series Document Printer-Inserters automate what
can be a labor intensive, error-prone part of the shipping and fulfillment process.  The 6900I Printer-Inserters print a streamlined packing slip right
from a barcode scan associated with the order, cut continuous paper stock to length, and precisely inserts it into an open top shipping container.

With an Allen Bradley PLC controller and choice of world-class print engines, the 6900 Printer-Inserters are simple to integrate into a production line, and with WMS, WCS, ERP software or workstations. When combined with a traditional label print and apply system for the shipping label and a closure system, such as a taping station, a complete end of line system can be created. 

A 6900I Series Printer-Inserter also creates a more environmentally-friendly  packaging line.  Plastic packing slip envelopes are eliminated as is label backing.  Additionally, costs are lowered since less expensive, thin paper stock is utlized instead of large sheets of paper or labels.

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Configuration 6955I 6957I 6984I 6986I
Print Engine Zebra Zebra SATO SATO
Method Thermal Transfer or Direct Thermal Thermal Transfer or Direct Thermal Thermal Transfer or
Direct Thermal
Thermal Transfer or Direct Thermal
Resolution 203 or 300 dpi
(8 or 12 dpmm)
203 or 300 dpi
(8 or 12 dpmm)
203, 305, or 609 dpi (8, 12, or 24 dpmm) 203 or 305 dpi
(8 or 12 dpmm)

Configuration 6955I 6957I 6984I 6986I
Max. Media Width 4.5” (114 mm) 7.1” (180 mm) 5.16” (131 mm) 7.09” (180 mm)
Max. Print Width 4.1” (104 mm) 6.6” (168 mm) 4.1” (104 mm) 6.6” (168 mm)
Max. Media Length 12” (305 mm) 18” (457 mm) 12” (305 mm) 18” (457 mm)
Max. Ribbon Size
4.5”x 1968.5’
(114 mm x 600 m)
7.1” x 1968.5’
(180 mm x 600 m)
5.04” x 1968.5’
(128 mm x 600 m)
6.99” x 1968.5’
(177 mm x 600 m)
Media Roll ID 
3”, 5”, or 6” Core
(76, 127, or 152 mm)
3”, 5”, or 6” Core
(76, 127, or 152 mm)
3”, 5”, or 6” Core
(76, 127, or 152 mm)
3”, 5”, or 6” Core
(76, 127, or 152 mm)
Media Roll OD 
Up to 14”
(355.6 mm)
Up to 14”
(355.6 mm)
Up to 14”
(355.6 mm)
Up to 14”
(355.6 mm)

Pneumatic or Electric Insertion Cylinder
  • Simple Media Path
  • 4.3" Full Color PLC HMI
  • Large Stock Capacity
  • Easy Integration
  • Sustainability

Save labor and consumable costs while reducing waste. The 6900I Series Inserters eliminate printing, folding, and stuffing a full size page into a plastic envelope. Now, you can print a streamlined packing list onto inexpensive, thin stock and insert it directly into the open top shipping container. This saves labor, matching errors, cost of the full size page and envelope. It also benefits the environment by requiring less paper and eliminating the plastic envelope and adhesive backing liner.


  • PLC controlled for simple integration
  • Precision guillotine cutter
  • Choice of print engines
  • Media up to 7.1” Wide
  • Integration with WMS,WCS, and ERP systems
  • Available in a turnkey shipping label/packing slip automation system
  • Optional: Validation of shipping/routing label, conveyors,sortation software, and more

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