5422 Large Label Print and Apply

FOX IV's 5422 is built to go BIG!  With the ability to print and apply labels up to 8.5" wide, such as US Letter size and A4, large product, inventory, or compliance labels can be printed on demand and applied to boxes, crates, drums, appliances, bulk roll products, and more.  Our engineering department can create customized label application methods to go along with these large label sizes.

The 5422 incorporates FOX IV's reliable industrial design with a tried and true Zebra print engine.  It's durable design holds up to the additional label roll weight and industrial environments that go hand-in-hand with large label applications. 


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Media Width: 

4.25" - 8.8" (108 mm - 224 mm)

Print Width:

Up to 8.5" (216 mm)

Min. Label Length:

0.5 in./13 mm

Max. Label Length:

Application Dependent

Label Roll:

Maximum 14". OD (355.6 mm)
on a 3", 5", or 6" (76, 127, 152 mm) core dependent on label size

Ribbon Width:

4.25" - 8.6" (108 mm - 220 mm)

Ribbon Length:

1476' (450 M) on a 1 in./25.4 mm core

Direct Thermal or Thermal Transfer
203, 300, dpi (8, 12 dots per mm) print resolution
Swing-Away™ Cylinder with Tamp, Tamp-blow, or Tamp Roll Applicator
Repeater™ Adjacent Panel Label Applicator
Corner Wrap
Wipe on/Merge Applicator
Vacuum Belt Applicator
Custom Application Methods
Centralized Control Panel
Screened Media Paths
Dynamic Tension Rewind Control
Swing-Away Cylinder Design


  • Print and Apply Labels up to 8.8” Wide
  • Choice of Application Methods to best suit labeling application, including vacuum belt, tamp, and wrap-around.
  • Operator friendly features
  • 3”, 5” or 6” Label Roll Core Diameter
  • Industrial design
  • Intuitive Controls
  • Dynamic Rewind Tension Control

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