1018 Large Label Applicator

When you need to go BIG with your labeling, you need the FOX IV 1018 Label Applicator.  The 1018 can apply printed labels up to 9.375" (238 mm) wide to a wide variety of substrates and products.  Common applications such as pallet labeling, drum and appliance labeling, and application of large 8.5" x 11" (216 mm x 280 mm) letter sized labels. 

The rugged, reliable industrial design is surprisingly user friendly with simple, centralized controls and a screened media path for ease of media threading and quick media changes.  All labeling components are mounted to the solid center-wall for accurate label tracking and improved durability.

The 1018 can be fit with a variety of different application devices to ensure that your labels are securely and precisely placed onto your product - whether in-line or as the product is stopped.  Optional accessories, such as emergency stops and environmental enclosures, can be added to outfit the 1018 to meet your needs.

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Media Width:  2 in. /54 mm - 9.5 in./241 mm
Label Width:  2 in./54 mm - 9.375 in./238 mm
Label Length:  2 in./54  mm - 12 in./305 mm
Label Roll: 3 in. ID/76 mm x maximum 16 in. OD/406 mm
Label Roll ID and OD Dependent on Overall Label Size

Swing-Away™ Cylinder with Tamp, Tamp Blow, or Tamp Roll Applicator
Corner Wrap
Repeater™ Adjacent Panel Label Applicator
Wipe on/Merge Applicator
Vacuum Belt
Custom Application Methods

Pallet Labeling
Building Products
Industrial Applications


  • Media Width up to 9.5”/241 mm
  • Large Label Roll Capacity
  • Reliable Industrial Design
  • Screened Media Path for Easy Media Changeovers
  • Simple Controls
  • Variety of Application Methods

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